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Car Dolly Trailers

TrailerTec car dollies offer another alternative for the motor home owners who car may have a crumple zone front or non flat towed vehicle. Their weight is only 240kgs and has an ATM of 1990kgs. They are also great for people with limited space. When you purchase a TrailerTec dolly, it comes with everything required to hook it up and go! Rego is not included when purchasing. They also suit motor mechanics for vehicle recovery, car removal, race cars and rally cars.

Single Axle Dolly Car Carrier Trailer / Gypsy Trailer


– 240 kgs tare (with out ramps fitted) – So it’s in the first bracket of registration costs in NSW
– ATM 1990kgs on the trailer (total incl car/load and weight of the  trailer)
– 900 mm x 1960 mm deck size – with two mesh runners the wheels of the vehicle sit on
– Main chassis is 50 x 50 x 3 mm
– Draw bar (A frame) 100 x 50 x 4 mm
– All steel is Australian made
– 3 x 13in 6 ply light NEW truck tyres
– 3 x NEW white steel wheel
– Spare wheel mounted to trailer
– 45 mm solid axle 1500 kgs (axle made in Melbourne not China or India)
– Axle welded to the chassis so its nice and low no springs
– Quick release coupling with hydraulic brakes and hand brake (please note dolly trailers / gypsy trailers with no brakes can only tow 750 KGS incl the weight of the trailer and load, just like a small box trailer, most small cars weight is higher than 500 kgs and remember the dolly is 250 kgs to start with) If you get caught in a accident you will get no insurance if the trailer and car weight is more than 750 kgs and you have no brakes on the trailer.
– Ford stud pattern Drum Brakes with 1/2 wheel studs – Stronger than holden studs.
– New polycarbonate multi volt (12~24 v) LED lights all around.
– Swing up jockey wheel.
– 2 x Aus standard safety chains.
– Ramps mounted to trailer and easy to remove and fit to the trailer.
– VIN Plate & VIN number.
– No rego or road worthy, easy to register in any State.
– Everything is Brand NEW on this trailer.

Car Dolly Trailer

This trailer is heavy duty made and can tow any thing under 1990 kgs ATM as the back wheels are still on the ground. Due to its small size it can be parked just about anywhere great for camp sites / grounds that charge $$$$$ for trailer space.

A quick run down on how it works: You drive or winch the vehicle on, tie the car down, put the ramps back on the trailer, lock the ramps down, leave the key in the ignition in the unlock spot so when you are turning the steering of the vehicle will turn as well, hand brake off, out of gear if it rear wheel drive and you’re off, it’s that easy.

This trailer is ideal for modern small front wheel drive cars that can’t be flat towed (most modern cars computers get jumbled when flat towed ). Example: “A frame” towed with all four wheels on the ground.

Suit people with small and large cars or four wheel drives as the width of the chassis size can take a large Vehicle  and also low vehicles. Ideal for Winnebago, camper buses, Fiat motorhomes, Sunliner, Talvor, Explorer, Trakka, Avan, Avida, Paradise motorhomes, Mazda bus, Toyota bus, Nissan bus, RV, Mechanic, race cars, rally cars, smaller 4×4’s, small 4 wheel drives, vehicle recovery, break downs, garages, workshops, free car removal people etc.